Townsend Thoresen veteran STAR N sold for scrap to Turkey

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On 21 March 2023, passenger ferry STAR N (ex RED STAR 1, GABRIEL SCOTT, SAGAFJORD, SANDEFJORD, FENNO STAR, SCANDINAVIA, TERJE VIGEN, VIKING III) of the Ukrainian Sea Star Ferries, was arrived at Aliaga for recycling.

The 57-year-old ship served on the Brindisi-Valona/Brindisi-Igoumenitsa-Zakynthos route from 2007 to 2021 on behalf of Red Star Ferries, Sea Med and Star Lines as the RED STAR 1.

She was built in Germany in 1965 as the VIKING III and had a quite impressive career, serving on behalf of Townsend Thoresen Car Ferries, Da-No Linjen, KG Line, Jakob Line, Scandi Line, Color Line and Saga Line before coming in the Adriatic service. She was laid up in the port of Tripoli (Libya) since 26 December 2022.

Photo: Marine Traffic (Altay Alan)

How expensive is ferry travel? FerryGoGo found out

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With summer approaching, FerryGoGo has investigated the prices for ferry crossings in the high season.

FerryGoGo is a ferry travel, route comparison guide and booking engine.

Ferries are an excellent alternative to flying and increasingly expensive rental cars. This study examined the costs of a ferry crossing to various holiday destinations in the high season.

Since ferry crossings are difficult to compare and prices are often dynamic, this study explicitly looked at the price for a crossing with two people and a car during the high season (1 to 8 July) and calculated the cost per km/mile.

FerryGoGo selected all prices between 15 and 17 March 2023.

Based on the data, here are some conclusions:

  • For longer international crossings with a cabin for two people and a car in high season (1 to 8 July), you pay an average of €1,061. That average is €0.97 per km.
  • For shorter international crossings (<150 km), you will pay a lot more per km: €2.36 on average.
  • The study’s most expensive international short crossing is from Helsingør to Helsingborg or vice versa at €11.60 per km. The alternative, the Öresundbridge between Copenhagen and Malmö, is even a bit more expensive.
  • If you look at the long night crossings, the Trelleborg ferries from Rostock and the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin and vice versa are among the most expensive.
  • The crossings from Cairnryan to Larne and Fishguard to Rosslare are also quite expensive, while Calais to Dover, Dunkirk-Dover, and Holyhead-Dublin ferries are a lot cheaper by cost per km.

Prices for a return ferry ticket to popular destinations in total & price per km in the peak season (long routes > 150 km)

Prices for a return ferry ticket, and price per km in the peak season (short routes < 150 km)

The first all-electric River Tagus ferry has been delivered

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  • Lisbon’s debut all-electric ferry, equipped with ABB’s power solution has been delivered by shipyard Astilleros Gondán to urban transport provider Transtejo.
  • Environmentally-friendly operations along the Tagus river will transform metropolitan commuting in Portugal’s capital city.
  • The new fleet will play an integral role in delivering Portugal’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050
  • The 40-meter, 540-passenger vessels will also improve passenger comfort and reduce operational and maintenance costs.