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Interferry welcomes the European Commission’s guidance on the gradual relaxation of travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and relaunching of transportation links that will go into effect in advance of this summer’s travel and tourism season.  Earlier, Interferry had issued its own ‘best practice’ guidelines for the safe resumption of passenger ferry services once local authorities provided the green light.


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Reducing Energy Consumption By Retrofit

DFDS’ VICTORIA SEAWAYS and two MR tankers from Hafnia and Maersk Tankers are part of Green Ship of the Future’s Retrofit project.

Green Ship of the Future has released a report to show how retrofitting can result in significant reduction of energy consumption decreasing fuel consumption and emissions on board three vessels, including the DFDS ferry. According to the project findings, this can be achieved through technology that is available today with a return of investment of less than three years.

The report finds that VICTORIA SEAWAYS can potentially achieve up to 11.1% reduction of fuel consumption by implementing new and proven technology that is easily implemented such as new propellers and new hull coating exemplified by Hempel in this report. All the suggested solutions were calculated towards an estimated payback time of three years to show the potential of making a green investment in a manner that minimizes operational cost and improve the potential of profitability.


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Will Nordics Be First To See Fledgling Duty-Free Revival In Europe?

Hopes for a gradual revival of decimated travel retail sales were raised last week with the resumption of passenger traffic on some Finnish ferry services on the Baltic Sea.


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  • DFDS UK posted on their Facebook page a picture of the new COTE D’OPALE under construction in China.
  • A subsidiary of AS Tallink Grupp, Baltic SF IX Limited and Marine Atlantic Inc, have concluded to extend the current charter agreement of ropax ATLANTIC VISION (ex SUPERFAST IX) for two years, until November 2022. The vessel has been on the long-term bareboat charter since November 14, 2008.


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Last week we started with some 1998 pictures from Mykonos. Let’s go back to Greece this week, same year, same Cycladic island.


This former Channel ferry was built as PRINCE LAURENT for the Oostende-Dover route, operated by the Belgian State-owned RMT. In 1992 she was sold to Strintzis and was sent to Perama for rebuilding. After Oostende Rafina became her second home port, from which she still operates today for Golden Star Ferry.

PENELOPE A (built 1972 as HORSA)

Another Channel veteran is this former HORSA, built for Sealink. Her second life started in 1992 when she started to sail for Agoudimos Lines.

In 2014 she was advertised for sale and laid up in Eleusis. She’s still moored there, side by side with Nel Lines’ MYTILENE.

They will probably go to the scrapyard soon.

ANEMOS (built 1975 as FERRY MUROTO)

After a short life in Japan this FERRY MUROTO arrived in Greece in 1988. She is still at Perama as the ALEXANDRA L, after a career with Nomicos Lines, Minoan Flying Dolphines, ANEK Lines, NEL Lines and Kefalonian Lines. She was about to travel this summer, but her conversion still goes on. She was purchased by Seajets.