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  • The historic alliance between Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries is no more. Last year they acquired the HSC catamaran EXPRESS, in order to compete with SeaJets. However, they will now both go their own way. Who is going to have the catamaran will be known later on.
  • Red Kestrel is Red Funnel’s first freight-only roll-on-roll-off vessel to operate between Southampton and the Isle of Weight. The double-ender has been named in Southampton on 25 April.
  • Ferries and ships remained docked at Greek ports on 1 May, after the union of the Greek seamen PNO held a 24-hour strike. The union has published a long list of demands to justify the strike.


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FRS Ferry Evacuation Drill In The Strait Of Gibraltar

The emergency drill and the evacuation exercise carried out successfully on the FRS-owned TARIFA JET, demonstrates the capacity and high level of safety of all the entities involved.

On 26 April, Moroccan Search and Rescue Service participated in a joint exercise with the Spanish Maritime Rescue Services.

With the objective of maintaining the high level of safety and speed of reaction in their vessels, and contributing to the continuous training of their teams, FRS collaborates regularly with the authorities to perform various evacuation exercises.

This year, in the context of the “SAREX Detroit 2019” exercise, FRS made available its fast ferry TARIFA JET.

The entire exercise was carried out in accordance with the plan, in which the response of the ferry itself and its crew was put to the test, as well as the coordination of the different intervention groups.