Levante Ferries goes international with RoPax SMYRNA

The “SMYRNA” RoPax (ex KOPERNIK) is the newest project of Levante Ferries, an award-winning, rapidly growing ferry operator, whose mission is to bring the Ionian Sea forward and make their services the reference point for sea transportation, not only in Greece but also internationally.

Levante Ferries is currently operating lines in Zakynthos, Cephalonia, and Ithaca. The vessel is scheduled to operate between the port of Thessaloniki in northern Greece and the city of Izmir in Turkey, a new route that will also mark the expansion of the company beyond the Ionian Sea.

Τhe vessel, which was built in 1977, was acquired by Levante Ferries in June 2019, and was renamed SMYRNA, which is the Greek name of the city of Izmir in Turkey, one of the ancient ports of the Mediterranean.

In order to meet the high Levante Ferries’ standards and to comply with the latest European Safety Rules and Regulations, the vessel is currently undergoing a conversion by Kopoukis Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and a full interior refurbishment designed by Molindris+Associates, the architecture and design office based in Athens, Greece, that has also been responsible for the interior re-design of the entirety of Levante Ferries fleet, including the company’s first vessel, the award-winning FIOR DI LEVANTE.

The architects’ inspiration behind the interior is “East meets West”: a junction of two ancient civilizations, combining design elements from both cultures in a fresh, current manner. The artistic impressions by Molindris+Associates, showcase what the vessel will look like once completed.

The transformation is taking place at the New Drapetsona Repair Dock in the south west of Athens, and it is estimated to be complete in early 2022.

1.The “Evil Eye”, a symbol of protection, one of many cultural elements referenced throughout the interior of RoPax SMYRNA.



4.Reception Lounge

5.Reception Lounge

6.Reception Lounge

7.Reception Lounge and Casino

8.Reception Lounge and Casino

9.Self-Service Restaurant

10.Forward Bar-Lounge


12.Exterior Bar

13.Exterior Bar

14. “Evil Eye”, model of sculpture and artwork, design elements to be installed on the interior.
Photo by Apostolos Molindris.

All renderings by Molindris+Associates for Levante Ferries