Interview with Cpt Yiannis Nikolitsis, Managing Director of Dynamic Co

By Spyros Roussos for Ferry Shipping News

Dynamic Co is a leading Greek company that provides worldwide superior quality Marine and Industrial services with unprecedented professionalism. Within 30 years’ time they have managed to become an innovative expert in Ship Repairs, Heavy Industry Repairs and Sea Services offering a wide range of services with unsurpassed quality. Performance that ranks them among the best companies globally.

FSN discussed with Managing Director Cpt Yiannis Nikolitsis the evolution of his company through the years, as well as his future plans.

You are among the best companies on the Marine and Industrial services worldwide. Can you please tell us a few words about you, your partners and your company’s course through the last 30 years?

“Ship repair is one of the main business divisions of our company. In our 30-year history, we have repaired hundreds of vessels of various types, from Greece, Russia, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, Cyprus and many other countries. Dynamic Co managed to establish solid partnerships with well-known brands all over the world due to its quality, stability and trustworthy profile that has been developed through the past years.”

“Dynamic Co is in the port of Piraeus and founded in 1989 by my father Mr. Constantine V. Nikolitsis which had a significant experience in the field of Ship Repair and Conversions since 1970. Since then, the company was gradually developed and equipped with technologically advanced machinery and equipment. In 2001, Dynamic Co had evolved into the biggest provider of blasting and coating services in Greece, while in 2004 we developed the active ‘Heavy Industries Department’ that offers services to ashore clients (Petrochemical factories, Chemical factories, Fertilizer Factories etc). It is worth noting that the specific department is also responsible for all Offshore Oil and Gas projects in Greece and abroad.

In 2012, I took over as a managing Director of Dynamic Co and since then I carried out successfully numerous projects in Greece and abroad.”

What is the range of services you mainly offer and why they are special compared to the competition?

 “We have a broad spectrum of marine services including ship repairs, heavy industries repairs and at sea services. More specifically our services include Tank Repair, Sophisticated Blasting, Hydro Blasting, Tank Coating, Cargo Hold Coating, Water Ballast Tanks Coating, Steel Plates Replacement, Welding & Repair of Steel Plates, Construction of Piping Systems, Repair of Marine Piping Systems, Dynamic Co. Water Jet Cutting, Gas Free, Underwater Welding, Underwater Seal Replacement, Underwater Maintenance Inspection, Underwater Propeller Repairs, Underwater Pipeline Repair, Underwater Pipeline Construction and Underwater Pipeline Inspection. What distinguishes us is our quality of work and ability to successfully deliver a project, meet the requested deadlines and find solutions fast in any problem that may come up.”

Which Ferry Operators prefer your services in Greece and what they usually ask and expect from your company?

“We have more than 50 clients in our portfolio and all of them are among the best companies in the world. Our best Greek clients in the Hellenic Coastal Shipping are Attica Group (Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, Anek Lines), Golden Star Ferries and Strintzis Lines in the past. We have been cooperating with them for many years and they are well aware that we offer them top quality services, professionalism, innovative solutions, expertise and cost-effective results! We had also a successful cooperation with well-known foreign ferry operators such as P&O Ferries, Grimaldi Lines and Stena RoRo.”

Do you have a comparative advantage as a company and which is it?

“Having a three-decade experience in the ship repair market, I must say that our comparative advantage is our people. We are very selective when recruiting our workforce and thus we have managed to build up a labor network that is skilled, reliable and cost efficient. For that we can provide our customers worldwide quality marine and industrial services with unprecedent professionalism.”

What is the status of the ship repair sector in Greece? Do you think that it is satisfactory or there is still room for improvement?

“The ship repair field in Greece is a constantly evolving and blooming sector, however I believe that there is always room for improvement.”

What was the most challenging project you have completed successfully in your 30-year course?

“I would say that the real challenge is each project itself. A low-cost estimation project may seem attractive to the potential client. But this could probably have a chain of unwanted effects such as, staff burnout, loss of credibility as well as missed deadlines. In the end nobody wants such a development. Thus, we believe that an accurate estimation and a careful inspection of each potential project is very critical for us in terms of management and operation.”

Why should a foreign company choose your services?

“Our company offers a visit to the desirable location to estimate the nature of the project. This evaluation process provides the customer with a detailed analysis regarding his vessel’s project. This along with our outstanding professionalism and credentials make us a great choice for foreign companies. It is not an excess to say that after 30 years in the market we can reassure our customers that we can provide them with top quality services without unnecessary delays. We know in advance that our clients need a partner ensures them that everything will run smoothly, as scheduled. Dynamic Co can guarantee that is the right choice for any client that seeks quality, punctuality, and credibility.”

Covid-19 has created a lot of trouble to the Hellenic Coastal Shipping. How the pandemic affected your activities?

“The pandemic has certainly affected every sector, and the Hellenic Coastal Shipping was no exception. We had to introduce new safety rules and abide by the new measures making our work more challenging. We also had to limit face to face meetings and find new ways to communicate, while also remaining efficient.”

Final question: A few words about the future of Dynamic Co?

“We will keep developing and adopting eco-friendly state-of-the-art technology, in order to meet the needs of the sector and satisfy our clients. Our goal remains to be the leading company in General Ships and Heavy Industries Repairs, providing worldwide superior certified quality marine and industrial services.”

Thank you very much for our conversation Mr Nikolitsis

Spyridon Roussos for Ferry Shipping News & Summit