Energy and Environmental Upgrade of the Port of Igoumenitsa

A new era in the management and operation of port facilities is inaugurated after the approval by the European Commission of the project ALFION – Alternative Fuel Implementation in Igoumenitsa Port, which concerns the energy upgrade in the Port of Igoumenitsa.

The coordinator of the project is the Port of Igoumenitsa, with the participation of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network (DEDDIE), the company PROTASIS Engineering and Consulting SA, the company Hydrus Engineering Ltd and the National Technical University of Athens.

The Commission’s Innovation and Networking Executive Agency (INEA) considered the ALFION project (with a budget of EUR 1.08 million) eligible, financing it with 50% through the Connecting Europe Financing Mechanism (CEF).

The project aims to prepare studies for the implementation of the following actions:

  • Cold ironing and electric bunkering (battery swapping) facilities for moored ships.
  • Formation of a central energy management system and telemetric monitoring of the energy footprint of the port.
  • Creation of a central energy storage system in order to integrate all energy sources (renewable and others) with the aim of using it for the purposes of electricity and charging.
  • Additional installation study to allow the simultaneous loading of electric and hybrid vehicles within the port and buses used to connect ports with other transport hubs.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of the overall project.

The project aims at the overall energy upgrade of the Port of Igoumenitsa by reducing the environmental footprint, increasing its energy efficiency and optimizing interoperability as well as the provision of services to third parties.

The action aims to improve the environmental footprint of the Port of Igoumenitsa and the ships served by it, the promotion of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies as well as a holistic approach to the effective management of the port’s energy-intensive activities, with significant environmental and social benefits.