September 28, 2017

Following the previous two profitable years, ANEK Group maintained its profitability and displayed important improvement of its net results in the first semester of 2017. 

With 7% more crossings, ANEK saw in the first half of the year an increase of all categories: passengers 356,000 (339,000), cars 62,000 (56,000) and trucks 70,000 (67,000). 

The ferries operate on the Adriatic, Crete, Dodecanese and Cyclades. 

The average price of fuel was 50% higher, resulting in a higher operating cost and an EBITDA with a loss. However, lower financial cost, financial income and positive investment results, lead to the improvement of net results and the enhancement of the Group’s equity.  

  • Turnover: 65.3 million (65.0 million) 
  • Consolidated gross results: 0.4 million (11.2 million) 
  • EBITDA:  -6.3 million (4.9 million) 

Photo ©Mike Louagie