September 21, 2017

On September 18, GNV started offering daily ro-pax crossings between Civitavecchia and Termini Imerese, east of Palermo, Sicily.

Ferries are departing from Civitavecchia at 10:00 (Monday to Saturday), and from Termini Imerese at 2:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday).
GNV also confirmed the evening connections, departing from Civitavecchia to Palermo (city) on Fridays (19:00) and Sundays (21:00), and Palermo (city) to Civitavecchia on Sunday (18:00) and Monday (16:00).

The routes are dedicated to the fruit and vegetable producers from eastern Sicily, who need to see their products reach the central and northern markets within 24 hours.
GNV uses the ANEK-chartered vessel KRITI I, and its own SPLENDID.
Crossing time is in average 14 hours.

Photo: GNV